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Legend Targeting Interface
July 20th 2010
Legend Targeting Interface
If ever I had trouble coming up with a name for something, this would be it. It sounds way more sci-fi than it should.

The result of me toying around with HTML5's canvas tag and some javascript - a more visual means for players to mark out what part of the body they are targeting when attacking than the standard drop-down menu option I went with before.

I used a technique for this that I find myself growing rather fond of - using colours to mark out regions and assigning each colour to another piece of data.

In this case, each colour was assigned to a body part. When the cursor hovers over a pixel, the colour is analyzed and the corresponding body part is determined. Then, all the whole body part is highlighted. Works relatively quickly.

Unfortunately, since it's buried pretty deeply in Legend's combat system, it's difficult to give a live demo. You'll have to take me at my word.