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Legend Map Viewer
August 16th 2011
Legend Map Viewer

For some time, on and off (more off than on) I've been working on a map viewer for Legend. The initial design I coded some years ago was done in flash using AS3 - this version, however, is done purely using HTML5's Canvas tag, javascript (mostly jquery) and PHP. It's not nearly finished, and it's still riddled with bugs, but the bulk of the major functionality is in.

This application will be extended into a town-builder (which is already mostly completed, although I'm revising exactly how I want it to work), among other features.

Initially I wanted this system to be the primary form of navigation through towns, but at this point I'm uncertain. We'll see. Either way, it's been a very interesting way to test out the full extent of what I could do with HTML5's canvas tag.

You can check it out yourself here, at the Live Demo. I warn you, however, it is rather buggy, and at this point has little use.