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CHoW 263 ZombieKilling DinosaurRiding CowboyAlien
October 8th 2011
CHoW 263 ZombieKilling DinosaurRiding CowboyAlien
Yeah, I think they just pulled words out of a hat. But regardless, it piqued my interest a little bit. Enough for me to procrastinate on assignments far too much this past week.

I'm glad it was turned into a two-weeker, because I definitely wouldn't have finished in time (or at least, not to the level of quality I'd like... Although I don't feel entirely pleased with the result, it's better than what I was expecting while working on it. I'm glad I pushed through.)

So yeah, pretty straight forward. She's an alien, she's a cowboy, she rides a dinosaur and she shoots herself some zombies. All in a day's work, right?