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I Am Become Death
August 22nd 2011
I Am Become Death
Over the past week or so, Ian and I have been discussing a 'reorganizing' of the stories that sprouted from the first era of Anathema Online, and a re-purposing of many of the characters. Since it was an open RP world, it's safe to say that not all of the story lines meshed properly. So, Ian took it upon himself to make things work. More or less.

During our discussions, we found that Colin's character, the angel Aph (inspired heavily by the Book of Enoch), became something of a symbol of dread, carefully and subtly influencing events to bring about the fall of the most decadent kingdoms of the land. We played with the idea of likening him to Shiva at first, but by the end of it we decided that he would represent the entire cycle of life.

This is Aph, casting off his cloak to reveal his purest form. No illusion of the beautiful wings of a lesser heavenly being, only a raw, terrifying figure bent on bringing you to your knees in prostration before the creator who has long since forsaken him.