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Beyond Context
May 2nd 2009
Beyond Context
It's been said that if art has been executed properly, it does not need to be explained. While I hope I've managed this, I doubt myself enough to explain it anyways.

Even in the simplest tales of good vs. evil, lie the greatest of hypocrisies; rarely are the "innocent" ever innocent, by the end of the tale, because the "evil" character is usually made to suffer by their hand.

In Snow White, the evil witch was forced to wear iron slippers that had been heated to the point of glowing red, and was made to dance at her nemesis' wedding. In war, both parties claim to fight for good, while bathing in the blood of their fallen foes.

If you were to remove the context, and were left with a single image, or scene, of the suffering old woman, and the vengeful innocent, how would your impressions change? Would you see the cruel injustice, or would you continue to acknowledge the vaniquishing of an obvious felon, draped in stained, shoddy rags, with a face akin to rotten fruit?


After several days of thought, I decided that I wanted to turn the contest's relatively bland and clichu00e9 theme over on its head, in the way my grade 12 english teacher, Dr. Strong, probably would have supported. At the same time, I worked towards fitting in as many metaphors as I could - some that worked towards making the obvious distinction between a supposed good and evil, and others that allude to an even more sinister and violent scene.

I take quite a bit of pride in this piece, largely because of how it came to be, and how the majority of the specific details were included with specific intentions, instead of aesthetic preference. I'm also quite proud of the fact that I painted this entirely from scratch; no photographed textures were used.